Before You Leave:

Arrange for an adult to drive you home from the center. Only patients who have procedures performed under local anesthesia can drive themselves home unless directed otherwise by their physician. Before you leave, you will be given written instructions for at-home recovery.

Leaving the Surgery Center:

You will need to get your pain medication prescription filled as soon as possible after surgery if you have not done so before.

At Home:

Follow your doctor’s orders regarding diet, rest, medication, and activity. In 24 hours, you can return to your normal diet. Most patients feel tired, lightheaded, or dizzy for several hours after the operation. Do not sign any important papers or make any significant decisions for at least 24 hours.

If you have any questions or problems after surgery, please contact your doctor.

Do not drive a car, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, operate machinery, or cook for 24 hours after surgery.

If you have dressings, keep them clean and dry for however long your doctor prescribes. Plan your activities after surgery with this in mind.

If surgery was done on the arms or legs, you will need to keep the extremity elevated.

General Discharge Instructions:

If you have any questions or problems after surgery please contact your physician or surgeon.

Post Surgery Concerns:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding post operative signs or symptoms, please contact your physician or surgeon.

Additional Information About Your Surgery