Thanks for choosing Bon Air Surgery for your surgery or procedure. Before the day of your surgery, you will receive two calls.

Our business office representative will call you to verify insurance coverage (if this applies) and discuss our financial programs including an estimated cost.

Additionally, one of our Registered Nurses will call to prepare you for the day of the surgery. Our nurse will discuss your past medical history and answer any questions you have. If anesthesia is required, an anesthesiologist will also contact you.

You must pre-register before surgery. Federal regulations require we speak with the patient or a guardian before surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I arrive on the day of my procedure?

Upon arrival, go to the front desk, sign in and then take a seat in our waiting area. The receptionist will call you when it is time to begin registration.

How long will registration take?

The process to register only takes a few moments. We will review some of the forms and the nurse will then escort you to pre-op for the final preparations.

Are there separate bills for services?

You will receive separate bills for the facility, surgeon, anesthesiologist and any labs. You may need to sign forms that allow us to bill your insurance for these procedures.

Should I have an Advance Directive?

Those over the age of 18 will be asked for an Advanced Directive or proxy instructions. This instructs the facility of your wishes in terms of CPR. Bring a copy of this with you if you have it. It is the policy of Bon Air Surgery Center to attempt to resuscitate all patients. The Advance Directive will be recognized once transferred to the hospital.

What other forms will I receive?

We will give you the HIPAA Privacy Notice and ask you to sign the acknowledgement that you received the privacy notice. If you have already received this notice, we will not distribute it again.

What do I do after registration is complete?

After registration, you will receive a wristband. You’ll then take a seat to wait for the pre-op nurse to begin surgical preparation.

When should I arrive and what should I expect?

We encourage patients to arrive around one and a half hours before surgery time. This time allows for filling out paperwork, changing into a gown, pre-op assessment and beginning an IV. We try to honor scheduled times, but sometimes circumstances cause a delay. We strive to keep you informed of any changes.